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Get to know the market in a better way. Our unique data science simplifies everything for you by providing the key trade analytics.

Get easy to understand pictorial representation of the exports trends of your product in global market. Know what products are most exported from India.

Know about export pricing strategy, the factors affecting export pricing like freight, export duty, customs, taxes etc.

Get wordwide import export market research and export import data analysis. Also get monthly, quarterly and yearly import export data from around the world.

Historical trends gives you clear insights on your product's past trend and its export history. Know past years statistics of each and every product for upto 10 years

Our realtime export market intelligence and research gives you an edge over your competitors.

Stay informed with our global export forecast and take better business decisions.

Browse through global importers and exporters of your products. We also have other trade counterparts on our platform such as Indian suppliers, global trade service providers etc.

Get verified real-time business leads to sell your products. Showcase your products with us and enhance your business visibility.

Grab the opportunity to showcase your products to a wider audience and potential customer base at trade events happening near you. Get into International trade veenta to find potential client.

Holistic company profile, a simple, single and synthesised view of your trade counterparts checked and confirmed from genuine and reputable data sources.

We provide you the required contact details to stay connected with your trading partners, get details like phone number, email address, office location, etc.

Get fully satisfied, mitigate trade risks and build trust in your chosen importer / exporter with our third party inspection services & 360 degree company reports.


We make it easy for you to gain access of verified and trusted business partners for your products and services.


Sit back and relax while we arrange the export and import orders for you keeping your business requirements as our topmost priority.

We assist you in all the stages of export and import. Get the best price negotiation for your products and services done via our trusted sources.

Check beforehand what you are dealing with, as we provide you with the samples of the products you are interested to trade in.

Get the export order confirmation of your requirement in your dashboard

There are various types of export finance such as pre shipment finance, post shipment finance, invoice finance etc.

Convert upto 80% of invoice value into cash via invoice factoring or invoice discounting

It is a financial document which guarantees the payment to the exporter. Read our detailed guide regarding letter of credit

Through our wide range of risk and insurance solutions and products we can easily secure contracts and agreements to mitigate risks involved in trade transactions. Also know about bonds, guarantees, surety, claim management etc

Pre export finance helps the borrower with sufficient cash flow and liquidity to elevate the production of the offered goods and services

Purchase order finance is a short term financing solutions where financial institution pay seller's upfront on the basis of verified purchase orders.


Get export import financing solutions like invoice financing, pre shipment finance and many other options to choose from.

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We take care of every aspect of trade starting from international shipping process, local transportation, custom clearances, packaging and shipment so that you can get the best from the process

We assure a comprehensive quality check of the products from the suppliers as a part of pre shipment inspection process

Get help to complete export process and prepare mandatory documents such as IEC, import export license, documentation, finance, Payment terms etc.


From raw material procurement to packaging and shipment, we handle all the aspects of processing and successfully executing an export order.


We mitigate payment risks in international trade by following safe and secure gateway to implement your transactions seamlessly and instantly.


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Go global with our end-to-end global trade solutions

  • Verified overseas importers and exporters
  • Access to verified trade service providers
  • Export/Import order arrangement & execution
  • Access to global trade resources & trade tools

See how we help you get business from overseas

  • Genuine Indian trade counterparts
  • Verified Indian Trade Service Providers
  • Export / Import Agents in India
  • Business Setup & Inspection services in India